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In today's fast-paced world, the importance of accessible and high-quality health care cannot be overstated. At My Virtual Physician, we are committed to revolutionizing the way patients receive medical care, making it more convenient, efficient, and effective. As we continue to grow and innovate, we are excited to announce our RegCF (Regulation Crowdfunding) campaign and we would love for you to be a part of this unique transformative journey.

Who is My Virtual Physician?

Dr. David Howard, the visionary, founder, and sole stakeholder, has remarkably bootstrapped My Virtual Physician while balancing demanding hours in a hospital's labor and delivery department. Over the past four years, Dr. Howard's dedication and strategic growth efforts have propelled the company to achieve sustainable and substantial success.

Dr. David Howard was born in Jamaica and immigrated to the U.S. at eighteen years old. Dr. Howard received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the Johns Hopkins University and then pursued his Md and Ph.D. in Epidemiology through the Medical Scientist Training Program at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

My Virtual Physician is a national, multi-specialty telehealth company that connects patients with board-certified and licensed physicians through its secure, user-friendly virtual platforms. Our services span various specialties, including primary care, pediatrics, women's health (Gynecology), and more, ensuring comprehensive healthcare solutions for individuals and families across the US.

Why Are We Launching the RegCF Campaign?

The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving, and the demand for telehealth services has never been greater. By launching a RegCF campaign, we aim to:

1. Expand Our Reach: With your support, we can extend our services to underserved communities, providing vital healthcare access to those who need it most.

2. Enhance Technology: Investing in cutting-edge technology will enable us to offer even more innovative solutions and improve patient experiences and outcomes.

3. Grow Our Team: By attracting top talent in the medical and technological fields, we can continue to deliver exceptional care and drive forward our mission of making healthcare more accessible.

The Impact of Your Investment

Participating in our RegCF campaign means contributing to a future where quality healthcare is
within everyone's reach.

This year our goals are to:

1. Develop New Services: Expand our national reach by adding even more specialty services to offer our patients.
2. Improve Patient Experience: Enhancing our virtual platform and website to ensure seamless and efficient consultations.
3. Foster Community Health: Create initiatives and partnerships that promote health and well-being in underserved communities.

How You Can Get Involved

Getting involved in our RegCF campaign is straightforward and accessible. By visiting our campaign page, you can learn more about our mission, vision, and growth plan. Your support, whether large or small, will make a significant difference in helping us achieve our goals.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Thank you In Advance For Your Support,

David L. Howard, M.D., PH.D, CEO, OBGYN


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is hands down the most strongly recommended first line of treatment for individuals suffering from PTSD.  This recommendation holds true across virtually all of the most prominent medical associations dealing with PTSD, including the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. CBT is a form of treatment that helps individuals focus on the relationships between their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  The first step is to identify the dysfunctional patterns between their thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are resulting in the harmful symptoms they are experiencing, in addition to any personal, professional or legal problems that their PTSD may be worsening.  The next step is to explore making changes to these patterns in ways that help the individual to overcome their harmful effect on their lives. The second line of treatment for PTSD is medication.  The most commonly used medications are what are known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), such as Zoloft or Paxil.  

However, if conventional therapies have failed to work for a given individual, cannabis can be considered as an alternative or adjunct form of treatment. There are numerous anecdotal cases and small studies where patients suffering from PTSD have reported an improvement in their symptoms with the use of cannabis.  And now within the state of Nevada, it is possible for individuals to consult with their physician to determine whether they qualify for a medical cannabis card. 

It must be noted that the data for the benefits of cannabis in the treatment of PTSD are not of particularly high quality.  A randomized control trial performed among military veterans with PTSD did not show any benefit compared to placebo.  And while another small study did show reported improvement of PTSD symptoms among veterans, a confounding factor was that the participants were already using cannabis prior to the study, raising the issues of selection bias and begging the question of why their symptoms had not improved with their cannabis use prior to initiation of the trial.  

The use of cannabis in the treatment for PTSD is, therefore, something for which there is not enough compelling statistical evidence to make a strong generalized recommendation.  However, many individuals do report improvements in their PTSD symptoms and cannabis could be explored alongside their physician on a case by case basis to determine whether or not this is a good option worth trying for them. 

To further explore interesting ideas and stay up to date with ongoing changes in the medical arena, check our main blog site at My Virtual Physician!! (

Get Your Medical Cannabis Card Now

Chronic pain can last for months or even years, and it can occur anywhere in the body.  Depending on its severity, it can seriously impact a person’s daily life, activities, work, and even lead to mental health problems such as depression or anxiety.  It may be the result of things such as past physical trauma, degenerative changes in the body, neuropathic pain, or even in some cases no underlying cause is ever found.  In some cases, it can even be psychogenic in origin, where the person’s mental health problem results in (or manifests as) physical pain.  For example, a person with severe persistent depression might begin experiencing subjective physical pain as a byproduct of their psychological distress.

The first thing to do when experiencing chronic pain is to speak with a physician and rule out an underlying problem that might be causing it, such as cancer or an autoimmune condition.  This step is very important and should not be skipped, as doing so might result in missing some potentially fatal illness.  As mentioned above, included in ruling out an underlying problem is considering potential mental health causes to an individual’s chronic pain (such as depression, anxiety, hypochondriasis, conversion disorder, etc.).  Once a treatable underlying cause has been ruled out, treatment usually centers around a combination or medications, therapies, and/or lifestyle changes.

If conventional therapies have failed to successfully or adequately address an individual’s chronic pain, an alternative therapy that can be considered is the use of cannabis or other cannabis-derived products.  The state of Nevada currently allows individuals to meet with their physician and explore the possibility of qualifying for a medical cannabis card.

There have been numerous studies that have shown cannabis to be effective in the management of chronic pain.  Furthermore, in studies looking at the use of cannabis for the treatment of multiple other health problems or diseases, pain reduction was often the primary effect reported by participants in those studies. 

In addition to the pain reduction itself, some studies have shown that cannabis use for chronic pain can significantly reduce opioid use among these patients.  This reduction in opioid use carries multiple benefits, particularly right now as we find ourselves in something of an opioid epidemic in the United States.  Illicitly-obtained opioids can be of wildly-varying concentrations and strengths, in addition to often being laced with cheap-but-extremely-potent narcotics such as fentanyl. Thus reducing opioid use can help prevent accidental overdoses.  But even with legally obtained opioids from a reputable medical institution with accurate concentrations, opioids still carry risks such as respiratory depression, which can still result in death if abused by the patient or combined with alcohol or other drugs.

Therefore there is good evidence that cannabis can be an effective adjunct treatment in the management of chronic pain and can be considered by patients with the advice and counsel of their physician.  Cannabis still carries its normal health, safety and legal risks. Patients must be consciously aware of the dangers of impaired cognition and memory, particularly when it comes to performing activities such as driving, operating heavy machinery, or carrying out one’s professional duties.   

To further explore interesting ideas and stay up to date with ongoing changes in the medical arena, check our main blog site at My Virtual Physician!! (

Get Your Medical Cannabis Card Now

Did you know that medical marijuana has been legal in Nevada for over 20 years? Are you curious about where to get a medical cannabis card? If you’re ready to get a medical marijuana card in Nevada, we can help. In this article, My Virtual Physician shows you where and how to get your medical cannabis card.

Medical Cannabis Card Vs. Recreational

While medical cannabis has been around in Nevada since 2001, recreational marijuana was more recently legalized by the state in 2017. Even though you can purchase marijuana without being a cardholder, there are some major perks to getting your cannabis medical card. For starters, it will save you a lot of money at the dispensary.


Check out the differences between becoming a medical cannabis cardholder and purchasing for recreational use in Nevada:


Medical Marijuana Cardholder Recreational Use (Adult Use)
Quantity Allowed in Possession
  • Up to 2-½ ounces
  • Can cultivate 12 plants under certain circumstances
  • Up to 1 ounce in possession
  • No more than 3.5g (⅛ ounce) of concentrates/extracts
  • Not permitted to grow your own
Price and Taxes
  • No excise tax
  • 10% excise tax on top of state and local sales tax
Age Requirement
  • 18+
  • Under 18 with special cases and permission
  • 21+


Getting a medical marijuana card gives you additional permissions and protections beyond what is allowed for recreational users. For example, medical cannabis cardholders are permitted to grow up to a dozen marijuana plants if unable to visit a dispensary or if living more than 25 miles from one. Recreational users, on the other hand, may not cultivate their own marijuana.

Do I Qualify for a Medical Cannabis Card in Nevada?

Only certain debilitating medical conditions are allowed to get a Nevada medical card for cannabis. To get your card, first verify that your ailment is on the list. Here are the qualifying conditions in Nevada:

As a Nevada resident, if you suffer from one of the conditions above, you qualify for using medical cannabis to manage your condition. Once qualified, there are a few steps you'll take to obtain your medical marijuana card.

Getting Your Medical Cannabis Card in Nevada

To apply for your medical cannabis card in Nevada, only three things are needed.

  1. Healthcare Provider Approval
  2. Completed Medical Cannabis Card Application
  3. Payment

Step #1: Attending Healthcare Provider Statement

Getting medical permission to use marijuana as a medicine requires a doctor’s written approval in Nevada. Healthcare providers who are in good standing with the Nevada Board can complete the state’s approval form (called the Attending Healthcare Provider Statement).


My Virtual Physician has local board-certified physicians who can complete the paperwork for your medical marijuana card on Nevada's state-wide form. To begin the process, complete the online application to get your card.


After filling out the basic information on our form, we’ll set up a quick telehealth appointment with one of our Nevada licensed physicians. Once the appointment is complete, My Virtual Physician will provide the approval paperwork so that you can take the next step in the process.

Step #2: Medical Cannabis Nevada Registry

With your provider statement in hand, you’re ready to open a new application to become a medical marijuana cardholder. Using Nevada’s online portal, you can create a new login for the registry. This portal will allow you to access the application and upload your scanned documents, including:

Step #3: Paying for Your Medical Card for Cannabis

There are two payments required to get your medical cannabis card:

  1. First, your doctor consultation fee ($115)
  2. Secondly, the Nevada state registration fee ($50 per year)


My Virtual Physician charges $115 to complete the consultation required for qualifying your medical condition for medical cannabis. This fee is paid directly to My Virtual Physician.


Nevada charges $50 for a one-year registration and $100 for a 2-year registration. So, your total cost for a medical cannabis card is $165 for one year or $215 for two years. These fees can be paid online through the portal.


The card must be renewed after expiration along with a new doctor’s approval. Your doctor will determine whether your card is good for one or two years, so if you have a preference, be sure to consult your healthcare provider (our doctors).

Get Your Card Now

Ready to get your card? Now that you know where you can get a medical cannabis card in Nevada and the steps involved, My Virtual Physician is here to help you start the process. Start by meeting with one of our Doctors today so that you can get your medical cannabis card and find relief now.

Get Your Medical Cannabis Card Now

doctor in las vegasEveryone needs to see a doctor at some point in their lives. Whether you’re facing an illness, pain, disorder, or just need a medication refill or regular checkup; our society relies heavily upon primary care physicians.


How long has it been since you last saw yours? 


The Problem

It can be a struggle to get an appointment scheduled with your Las Vegas primary care physician (PCP). Waits are long and many doctors aren’t even accepting new patients. One reason for this is that there is a shortage of physicians.


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That may leave you wondering—what can I do to see a Las Vegas doctor sooner? Read on to find out a solution to the doctor access dilemma.


Availability isn’t the only problem that patients face when trying to schedule doctor appointments in Las Vegas. Physical limitations, such as transportation, access to technology, and geographical location, can also hinder access for patients to see their doctors regularly.


What’s a PCP and Who Needs One?

A primary care physician, or PCP for short, is a general practitioner who you know as your “go-to” doctor. Any time you have an infection, need medication, or want a consultation, your PCP is probably your initial point of contact.


This type of doctor sees a broad range of patients, in the age ranges of anywhere from children to the elderly, and treats a wide variety of conditions. If you have to manage an ongoing health condition, such as diabetes or asthma, you likely see your PCP more frequently.


While it’s not necessarily required to have a PCP, establishing a relationship with a primary care doctor in Las Vegas can be beneficial for both patients and physicians. That’s because your doctor can get to know you, your health, and you become comfortable with one another to discuss private health matters.


Reasons to See Your Primary Care Physician (PCP)

Here’s a list of common conditions or patient needs that most primary care physicians are capable of handling without the need for specialist visits:


But if you can’t get in to see your PCP or get established with a new primary care doctor in Las Vegas, then what can you do?


A Simple Solution

My Virtual Physician has a new solution to the patient access problem in Las Vegas. Our Las Vegas specialists can provide PCP services online through our hybrid clinic on Paradise Road.


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This physical clinic solves many problems when it comes to patient access to doctors in Las Vegas.


Can’t get an appointment? No problem, walk-in visits are welcome in our hybrid clinic.


No computer, phone, or internet connection? Our hybrid clinic offers a private room with all the technology already set up for our patients to use.


Need a second opinion? Our professional doctors are available to meet with you today to provide medical advice.


Uninsured? My Virtual Physician offers affordable and transparent pricing on our telemedicine appointments, both in the clinic and online.


See a Doctor in Las Vegas Today

Stop waiting for an opening at your traditional doctor’s office. See a doctor today in Las Vegas who can meet your healthcare needs.

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Visiting the doctor can be a frightening experience for children. Even for parents, these appointments can be uncomfortable, time-consuming, and even heartbreaking. Luckily, telehealth is making pediatric check-ups a little less scary.


In this blog, you’ll find out when and how you can conveniently see an online pediatrician—without the tears. As a bonus, if you’re in the Las Vegas area, there’s an alternative way for your child to see a pediatrician virtually inside our walk-in clinic on Paradise Road.


Let’s start with how telemedicine can be a lifesaver when your child is ill.

Getting Care When Your Child is Sick

When your child is sick, all you want is for them to feel better again. Whether your son or daughter is an infant or a teenager, sometimes you need to seek outside help from a pediatrician to see if medication or other treatments are needed to get better.

How Do I Know if My Child Needs Urgent Care or Emergency Care?

It’s difficult to watch your child as their little body struggles to fight off an illness. It’s every parent’s worry whether they are doing enough to get their child back to feeling better. This can be especially distressing with newborns, infants, toddlers, and children with special needs who can’t verbally articulate their complaints.


If your child has a troubling cough, spikes a high fever, or has experienced a sprain, cut, or another seemingly minor injury that isn’t going away—you may be wondering whether your child needs more critical medical assistance, such as “convenient-care” or a visit to the ER. It can be a tough call, and an expensive one. If you need help making that decision, our online pediatrician and virtual doctors can help.

What Can an Online Pediatrician Help With?

Consulting with an online Las Vegas pediatrician can save you time, money, and worry. From the comfort of your own home and for an affordable flat fee, you can set up a virtual visit for your child to be seen by a doctor who can immediately:


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Conditions That Can Be Treated by an Online Pediatrician

Some conditions won’t get better on their own and may require medical intervention and prescriptions. For example, if your child has symptoms of pink eye (conjunctivitis), it may require prescription medication. A doctor can prescribe medications to help clear infections caused by bacteria.


Online pediatricians can treat a range of conditions virtually, including:


The biggest advantage to visiting virtually with your child’s pediatrician is that it can be done from home. Stay home with your child while still receiving professional care and medical advice from a doctor. You can rest easy knowing that you’ve done everything in your power to nurture your child back to health.

Can My Child Routinely See a Pediatrician Online?

Yes, your child can see a pediatrician online for routine visits. Don’t wait until your child is sick to try out a virtual pediatric visit. Children can visit online pediatricians for things like preventive care, routine wellness check-ups, and follow-ups.


Parents can also set up virtual appointments for their child when they want a doctor’s professional advice on things such as their child’s nutrition, behavior, and social and emotional development. In these cases, you can set up online consultations directly with your child’s pediatrician. It has never been more pain-free to see a pediatrician in Las Vegas..or anywhere!


Getting a visit in today with a friendly and compassionate pediatrician who supports telemedicine capabilities—like My Virtual Physician’s Dr. Ayyagari—can help your child feel more comfortable during a sick visit when they aren’t feeling so well.


Alternatively, you can mix virtual care with in-person care for your child. See your local brick-and-mortar pediatrician for milestone visits and vaccinations, and depend on your online pediatrician for more immediate concerns, sick visits, or to gain a second opinion when necessary.

How Can I Get My Child in to See the Doctor ASAP in Las Vegas

The quickest way to get your child in to see a pediatrician is through a walk-in clinic or online visit.


In 2022, My Virtual Physician opened a new kind of clinic on Paradise Road in Las Vegas—a hybrid clinic. Here, you can physically walk into our brick-and-mortar location for an immediate televisit with a specialist.


You can bring your child into the clinic, have their vital signs measured by our certified medical assistant, and then meet virtually with our pediatrician in a private room where all of the equipment is set up for the telemedicine visit.


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You can also schedule appointments ahead of time for vaccinations and other care needs that can be met inside our hybrid clinic by a Las Vegas doctor. Our hybrid clinics provide increased access for children and adults alike to see their doctors, without needing any special equipment or internet service.

Get Established Today

Forget the anxiety, frustration, and tears that traditional pediatric doctor’s appointments bring. Get established today with our online pediatrician, who can help walk you through your child’s development and medical needs.


Book Appointment Now    Call For An Appointment


Schedule a virtual appointment to get your child seen by our pediatrician, or walk in with your little one to our clinic on Paradise road to see a Las Vegas doctor today.


Need to see a specialist? Whether you’re looking for a Las Vegas OBGYN or a pediatrician for your child, getting established with a specialist physician can be an intimidating venture.


It used to be a lengthy, expensive, and convoluted process.


Luckily—things have changed. Today, there’s a new path available for patients. Now, you can see a healthcare specialist without the red tape.


More providers are paying attention to the patient experience, and a clear demand has surfaced: patients need easier access to specialists for healthcare. Healthcare specialist appointments must be easily accessible, swiftly scheduled, and transparently priced. 


In this blog, we’ll define what specialists are and when you need to see them. And then, we’ll explore the processes required to see a healthcare specialist, both old and new—letting you in on the secret to seeing a Las Vegas Specialist in a snap.


What is a Specialist?

When you call to schedule your appointment for your annual physical or a routine checkup, you’re likely booking with your primary care physician. These doctors can handle a wide range of common medical ailments seen in the general population.


A specialist, on the other hand, is a doctor who has expertise in a particular body system.

For example, an OBGYN specializes in the female reproductive system. Read more about the special care focus of an OBGYN below in the related blog at the link below.

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An ENT doctor specializes in ailments of the ears, nose, and throat. A pediatrician specializes in the healthcare needs of children.


Here are some other specialists found in our healthcare system:


This is just a small selection of the many specialty fields out there in the world of healthcare.


Las Vegas Specialist - My Virtual Physician

When Should I See a Specialist?

There are many reasons to seek medical care from a healthcare specialist. Here are a few.

Your Primary Care Doctor is Unable to Treat Your Condition

If you’re experiencing a chronic medical condition that your primary care doctor is unable to treat, it may be time to see a specialist. For example, if you’ve been asking your regular doctor to help clear up a skin condition, but it doesn’t seem to be improving—a dermatologist, who specializes in skin conditions, may be more qualified to help. Sometimes your doctor will refer you to a specialist; other times, you may need to seek out the specialist yourself.

You Have a Rare (or system-specific) Condition

Primary care physicians (PCPs) are trained to treat a broad scope of conditions that occur in the general population. If you know that you have a condition that is rare or that a specialist is more qualified to treat, then it may be appropriate to book directly with a specialist rather than a PCP. For example, if you have irregular menstrual cycles, an OBGYN or endocrinologist may be better able to pinpoint a care plan than a doctor with general training.

Your Regular Doctor is Unfamiliar with Treatments

A third reason that patients desire to see a specialist is to find a doctor who is more familiar with treatment options that they have researched. If a primary care doctor is unfamiliar with a treatment that you want to try, seeing a specialist with experience using the treatment is a valid option.


So, now that you know when it’s time to see a specialist—let’s look at how to do it.


The Traditional Method

First, the long way.


Traditionally, the process of seeing a specialist involved making multiple appointments. Ultimately, your primary care physician was the gatekeeper who decided whether patients were permitted to schedule an appointment with a specialist.


Sometimes, you’d also need to have pre-approval from your insurance company before seeing a specialist. Insurance companies may deny coverage of specialist visits if the proper referral paperwork is not filed by your doctor’s office.


With the traditional method, you had to jump through hoops to see a specialist physician, including:


  1. Multiple appointments required
  2. Pre-approval is required for insurance coverage
  3. Primary care physicians must provide a referral
  4. Long waiting list to get an appointment


With the shortage of specialists in the Las Vegas area, seeing an OBGYN or other specialists in the area could take months.


Luckily, there’s a better way!


Bypass the Wait and See a Specialist Today

It’s hard to believe that anyone would follow the long process above to see a healthcare specialist when there’s such a simple shortcut. So, how can you see a specialist physician without jumping through hoops?


Schedule directly with your specialist. 


My Virtual Physician wants patients to have access to specialists. That’s why we are here. Our patients have the option to visit with our Las Vegas specialists either online or inside our hybrid clinic located on Paradise Road in Las Vegas.


Our specialists include:


My Virtual physician offers transparent pricing and affordable visits for self-paying patients. Read more about grabbing affordable medications as a self-pay patient below.


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If you’re located or visiting the Las Vegas area, walk-ins are welcome at our hybrid clinic. At this clinic, you can visit virtually with our specialists inside a private exam room right on the Vegas strip, making seeing a specialist on your own terms as easy as can be.


Ready to Schedule Your Specialist Appointment?

If you’re ready to book your appointment with one of our specialists, click below to self-schedule or walk into our hybrid clinic for an instant appointment. We look forward to serving you by providing a positive patient experience.


Book Appointment Now    Call For An Appointment

You’ve been planning this vacation for months and now you’ve arrived—you finally made it to Vegas! Now, the fun begins…


You’re full of excitement and ready to experience the Vegas strip and have some fun! But there’s one detail that you probably didn’t plan out while you were booking tickets, packing your bags, and making your way to Nevada.


That detail is this—what to do if you need to see a doctor while you’re on vacation. 


If you’re insured, seeing an out-of-state doctor may mean that you’ll face steep out-of-network charges that don’t count toward your regular deductible. If you’re uninsured, you might get stuck with hefty out-of-state medical bills.


If you’ve just arrived at your hotel in Las Vegas and realized you need to see a doctor ASAP, here’s what to do in order to see a doctor quickly and affordably so that you can turn your focus back to enjoying your vacation.


Step #1: Write Down Your Troubles

Before making any decisions, just pause for a moment. Focus on the reason that you need to see the doctor. If it’s because you forgot your medications at home, then write down the medications that you need refilled in Las Vegas to cover you during your vacation.


On the other hand, if you’re having indications of an illness that requires medication for you to feel better, write down your symptoms and how long you’ve had them. Some common illnesses that pop up during vacation include UTIs and bacterial infections.


If you feel a urinary tract infection (UTI) coming on or you are experiencing a sudden and extreme sore throat, write down your answers to the following questions:



In many cases, you’ll continue to feel miserable until you get antibiotics to fight the infection if it’s caused by bacteria. Tracking your symptoms as soon as you notice them can help you evaluate whether things are getting worse.


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Take an account of the facts and assess the urgency of your situation before reacting. Once you’ve got your troubles documented, you can make an informed decision on whether or not you need to see a doctor.


Step #2: Determine the Type of Doctor You Need to See

The next step before taking action is to figure out the best type of doctor that can help you. A general practitioner can handle many common health concerns. But local doctors probably won’t have an opening for months and an urgent-care clinic staffed with general practitioners might cost you a small fortune in medical bills.


If your medical need requires a specialist, how can you find one in Vegas? Specifically, can you find an OBGYN in Las Vegas? OBGYNs specialize in the female reproductive system and cover anything from contraceptive prescriptions to menstrual problems and infertility. Read more about what conditions OBGYNs treat

Once you’ve narrowed down whether it’s a general practitioner or a specialist that you need to see, you can start looking for a doctor or clinic. The two main places to look are in-person clinics in Las Vegas or online.


Step #3: Check Telehealth Options or Find a Local Walk-in Clinic

Telemedicine has provided greater access to healthcare and specifically, to specialists. Today, you can see a doctor in minutes rather than months. Searching for a provider online (who is licensed to practice in Nevada) can be one of the simplest solutions to finding a provider while traveling.


Online providers also tend to be more self-pay friendly. Since insurance companies don’t typically cover out-of-network providers, going online can be an affordable alternative. You’ll find a wide selection of specialists online who are taking new appointments.


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If you prefer a brick and mortar visit to the doctor without breaking the bank, My Virtual Physician has created a hybrid clinic to meet that need. Located on Paradise Road in Las Vegas, this clinic offers televisits for walk-ins and same-day appointments. Appointments are available for a flat, affordable price. Get back to the fun after stopping by the hybrid clinic on Paradise Road.


Our hybrid clinic is staffed virtually with a variety of physicians and specialists (including pediatricians and OBGYNs) to help you get feeling better faster.


Step #4: Pick up Your Prescription & Get Back to Fun!

If you’ve been prescribed medication during your hybrid or telemedicine visit, picking it up is also a simple process. You’ll need to find a Las Vegas pharmacy that is nearby so that you can get your prescription right away. There are several pharmacies within walking distance of our hybrid clinic where your doctor can send your prescription to be filled.


For help finding the most affordable local pharmacy, check out our guide to self-pay prescriptions below.


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This Hybrid Clinic on Paradise Road Takes Walk-in Visits

My Virtual Physician is proud to provide greater access to doctors and specialists, particularly in the Las Vegas area with our hybrid clinic on Paradise Road. Our board-certified Las Vegas team of OBGYNs, pediatricians, and other specialists are here to help if you find yourself needing to see a doctor urgently while on vacation in Las Vegas or elsewhere.


Walk into our hybrid clinic today or schedule your online appointment now by clicking below.


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Need to get in to see your OBGYN?

There are a lot of reasons to see your OBGYN, including getting contraceptive refills, screenings, and care for menstrual concerns, infertility, menopause, sexual health, urinary problems, and pregnancy.

For most women, scheduling a gyno appointment comes with a feeling of dread. But this Las Vegas OBGYN clinic is making life easier than ever for women in the big city.


Find out how you can see your gynecologist in a matter of minutes, right here in Vegas.


Don’t Wait to See Your OBGYN if You Have These Problems

There’s a lot that can get out of whack with a woman’s body if left untreated. Here’s a quick list of signs that will grab your attention until treated. Do not delay your visit to the gynecologist if you have any of the following issues:


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These are all signs that you need to see your OBGYN urgently. But how can you make that happen?

How Can I Get in Sooner for an OBGYN Appointment?

Here’s the secret to getting your OBGYN appointment quicker: forget the traditional appointment model.

In the past, seeing your gynecologist was something that had to be planned well in advance. First, you’d have to get established with a brick-and-mortar healthcare facility before you were allowed to see a specialist at all.

Next, you’d have to call and schedule an appointment. It’s not unusual for specialists like OBGYNS to be booked out for months—especially in Las Vegas. If you’re lucky, your gynecologist might try to squeeze you in between patients if you have an urgent need. But you’ll probably be waiting around for hours to be seen.


So, what’s a girl to do? There’s got to be a quicker way for getting in to see a Las Vegas OBGYN. Luckily, there is.

Take This Shortcut to Find A New Way to See Your OBGYN—Urgently

Telemedicine is paving the way for quicker access to your doctor, bypassing the dreadful waiting that accompanies traditional appointments.

Thanks to the increasing availability of telemedicine, you can now see your doctor in a less traditional way: online. And it’s not just your primary care physicians that have moved their practices into the digital space. Specialists, including obstetricians and gynecologists, are making appointments accessible to patients online.

There’s no denying that telemedicine is increasing access to care exponentially. Now, you can see your Las Vegas OBGYN on your terms and from the comfort of your own home. In the digital realm, doctors are able to reach more patients, spread the demand for care over a wider supply of physicians, and complete appointments from start to finish more efficiently. It’s a win-win situation.


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But beaming up your doctor on your smartphone or computer doesn’t work for everyone. And for those patients who prefer to come into a physical facility, My Virtual Physician is providing an alternative called a hybrid clinic.

This Las Vegas OBGYN Welcomes Walk-Ins or Appointments

My Virtual Physician has opened a new type of healthcare facility. Their hybrid clinic, located on Paradise Road in Las Vegas, provides patients a way to virtually meet with an OBGYN, pediatric, or primary care physician on a walk-in basis.

Inside the clinic, you’ll find a certified medical assistant who will walk you through the steps to visit virtually with our doctors in a private room. Our assistant can also measure your vitals during your visit. Ultrasounds and other specialist appointments can also be scheduled ahead of time at the hybrid clinic.


My Virtual Physician is making Las Vegas OBGYN care more accessible to patients in the city who prefer a healthy mix between traditional visits and speed. Visit us today for a transparently affordable visit with our specialists.


Imagine a world where you can’t get in to see your doctor for months or even years. Whether you simply need a prescription refill or help diagnosing and managing a chronic medical condition like diabetes, both can produce scary, or even life-threatening, scenarios.

Now, consider that the United States isn’t that far from this reality. In a 2021 report, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) predicted that a physician shortage is coming to the US. By 2034, the country will fall short of meeting the appropriate physician-to-patient ratios.

In fact, the AAMC believes that the US will fall between 40,000 to 124,000 doctors short in the next decade or so.

An Ideal Physician-to-Patient Ratio

It makes sense that densely-populated areas require more doctors in order to meet healthcare needs. That’s where the physician-to-patient ratio comes in. If you can measure this ratio, it tells you whether you have enough doctors to meet a geographical area’s healthcare needs.

Most states within the USA fall below the ideal physician-to-patient ratio. An ideal number is around 270 physicians per 100,000 people. This equates to about 370 patients per doctor. Many states hover around a rate closer to 200:100,000.

The governmental agency known as the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) works to increase healthcare access to vulnerable populations (geographically isolated, economically or medically vulnerable). Reports are available on their website. These reports show where vulnerable populations are located and where physicians are needed the most.

How Las Vegas Stacks Up

Nevada has been experiencing a physician shortage for some time. Currently, the state’s ratio remains around 200:100,000. Read more here about the OB/GYN Physician Shortage in Las Vegas.

HRSA reports displaying Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA) show regions where there is a shortage of providers. Nevada shows 75 areas with a primary care physician shortage, plus numerous dental and mental health areas where there is a shortage of specialists to serve these populations.

A search on medically underserved areas from HRSA shows 25 regions within the state have underserved areas and populations. Specifically, these areas in Las Vegas are underserved:

My Virtual Physician is Increasing Access to Doctors & Specialists

It is My Virtual Physician’s mission to provide access to healthcare for men, women, and children. That’s why we offer online telemedicine visits for patients in any US state. This helps break down geographical barriers in order to increase the real physician-to-patient ratio. On top of that, we have taken it a step further with our hybrid clinic located in Las Vegas.

Read about our hybrid clinic’s opening here: My Virtual Physician Celebrates Las Vegas Hybrid Clinic Opening.

This clinic helps to serve populations who may not have access to the digital requirements of telemedicine. We provide a private room that our patients can use to meet virtually with our doctors inside the clinic located at 2217 Paradise Road in Las Vegas.

Additionally, the clinic provides immediate access for all populations. Walk-ins are welcome during business hours. Find out more here. Our doctors can provide primary care needs as well as specialty visits. In addition to our primary care doctors, we also have board-certified OBGYNs and Pediatricians ready to meet with patients.


My Virtual Physician has an exciting announcement to celebrate: our hybrid clinic on Paradise Road is now open in Las Vegas!

Our Mission

My Virtual Physician’s mission is to provide safe, secure, and convenient access to healthcare for men, women, and children. In other words, we use telemedicine to fill the healthcare access gap that’s left by the reality that many doctors don’t offer same-day services. Patients who need to see a doctor now have the ability to meet virtually with our team of physicians with same-day appointments.

Our online telemedicine services launched during the pandemic, have grown exponentially, and continue strong today—providing quality healthcare access nationwide, online. We credit our growing team of doctors for our success.

Accessing Care in Las Vegas

But My Virtual Physician aims higher than simply providing online access to those who have the right equipment for a virtual visit (such as a smartphone or computer equipped with a camera and mic).

Other limitations exist with providing this type of healthcare solely online, including not having a private or safe place to interact virtually and the lack of medical equipment for taking vitals and collecting labs for diagnostics.

To overcome this challenge, My Virtual Physician opened its first one-of-a-kind hybrid clinic in Las Vegas. We’re excited to announce that, despite some major obstacles, we have successfully launched our first physical walk-in location.

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Now Open in Las Vegas for Walk-ins or Appointments

My Virtual Physician’s hybrid medical clinic is now open at 2217 Paradise Road in Las Vegas. Walk-ins are welcome. Find out our current hours or book an appointment (if preferred) here.

We are pleased to welcome men, women, and children into the physical clinic for a virtual visit in our private patient room, where our videoconferencing equipment is already set up and ready to go. We provide women’s health, pediatric, and primary care services in our hybrid clinic.

My Virtual Physician is proud to have opened the first clinic in Vegas that offers immediate access to online healthcare for those who may not have access to the equipment or private space. We welcome all to come visit us. Find us on Paradise Road! Get Directions Here.

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Inside Our Las Vegas Hybrid Clinic

Take a peek inside our clinic, where our certified medical assistant (CMA) will greet you! We have a comfortable waiting room for busier times. We also have a private room for patient use where our CMA will take your vitals, give you the tools to collect samples if needed for labs, and then you can meet virtually with our doctors with our private and secure videoconferencing setup.

At times, we do staff the clinic with a nurse manager and other medical professionals who can provide additional services such as wound care, vaccinations, ultrasounds, and more. If you’re interested in these services, please call ahead to (888) 224-0804 so that we can make sure the appropriate staff is present for your visit.

Come See Us Today on Paradise Road

My Virtual Physician offers affordable and immediate access to patients at our new hybrid clinic in Las Vegas. Click to find out more about which services we offer. Welcome to our clinic!





Are you looking for a doctor who accepts Medicaid in Las Vegas? Nearly a million citizens are currently enrolled in Nevada’s Medicaid and CHIP program. It can be challenging to find a provider that accepts Medicaid. Luckily, My Virtual Physician is approved to accept Medicaid as payment for medical services, including doctor’s appointments. Patients can visit online or connect virtually with doctors at our physical hybrid location in Las Vegas, located at 2217 Paradise Road. Read more below to find out how to see a Medicaid doctor in our Las Vegas clinic (or online).

Walk-ins Welcome at Our Hybrid Clinic

My Virtual Physician has a new physical location on Paradise Road in Las Vegas. At this hybrid location, patients looking for a Medicaid doctor in Vegas can have their vitals taken, get lab samples taken, and connect virtually with a doctor in a private room through our videoconferencing setup.

Whether you just need to get a quick covid test, physical exam, or get a prescription refill, our hybrid clinic in Las Vegas is set up to handle your basic medical needs. We have primary care physicians as well as specialists on staff to meet with you today. Our Nevada specialists include:

Read more about our doctors and which states they are licensed to practice in.

Check the clinic’s current hours here before you visit. As you walk into our clinic, our medical assistant will make you comfortable and take your vital signs for the doctor’s review. You’ll be guided to a private room to meet virtually with one of our doctors via our secure videoconferencing setup. Upon leaving, if you were prescribed any medications, you can either head to the pharmacy or head home to wait on your order-by-mail prescription. We cater to meet patient needs, so just let us know which pharmacy option you prefer during your visit.

Schedule an Appointment at MVP’s Hybrid Clinic

If you prefer to schedule an appointment time rather than wait during a walk-in visit, My Virtual Physician welcomes you to reserve an appointment time by filling out the form on this page.

You have options to either book an appointment for a virtual visit on your own equipment (smartphone or computer) from any location in the state or at our physical hybrid location at 2217 Paradise Road in Nevada. Both ways to see your doctor are covered by Medicaid.

If you schedule an appointment time at our hybrid clinic in Las Vegas, your experience will be similar to the walk-in option above. Our medical assistant will welcome you, collect any samples and vitals as needed, and show you to a secure room where you’ll visit privately online with one of our doctors.

Online Appointments with Medicaid Doctors in Nevada

A third way to see a Medicaid doctor in Las Vegas is through online appointments. While you’ll need to be a resident of Nevada for the visit to be covered by Nevada Medicaid, you may still be covered by your state’s Medicaid plan in other regions. Check our coverage map and payment page to see if your state’s Medicaid plan is included in our coverage area.

Currently, other states with Medicaid coverage with My Virtual Physician include: Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, and New York.

To schedule your online appointment today, click below.

Book Appointment Now    Call For An Appointment

Regardless of which part of the state you’re located in, if you prefer not to physically travel to our hybrid clinic, you don’t have to. If you have a smartphone or computer that can record video and sound, then you can meet with our Medicaid doctors through a telemedicine visit online.

The process works as easily as this:

  1. Book an appointment
  2. Follow the instructions on the confirmation page
  3. Click the link to join during your appointment time
  4. See your doctor from home!
  5. Get your prescription, testing, or imaging ordered if needed—our doctors will provide the next steps.

Finding a Medicaid Doctor in Las Vegas is Easy

Today, getting medical care is simple and easy. You can quickly find doctors in Las Vegas who take Medicaid. And care is available through a variety of channels, including in-person, hybrid clinics, or 100% virtually. My Virtual Physician is here to help make healthcare more accessible to those who need it, including those who have Medicaid.

As the number of monkeypox cases climbs in the United States during the 2022 outbreak, people are wondering if they should get the vaccine.

Data from today shows nearly 30,000 cases in the US, making up nearly half of the cases in the entire world (just over 75,000 total cases worldwide) this year. Although it’s not very deadly, it’s also not pleasant. So, what can you do to reduce your risk of contracting the monkeypox virus? One option is the monkeypox vaccination.

That brings us to our big announcement: we’re proud to announce that My Virtual Physician is in the process of becoming certified to dispense the monkeypox vaccine inside our Las Vegas Hybrid clinic located at 2217 Paradise Road.

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About the Monkeypox Vaccines Available in the US

Monkeypox is closely related to the smallpox virus, and there are two vaccines that are currently used to prevent monkeypox and smallpox. They are called JYNNEOS and ACAM2000. It’s important to note that certain groups should not get the ACAM2000 version, including:

The JYNNEOS vaccine is provided in a series of two doses, spaced 28 days apart. The injection site can be located in your forearm, shoulder blade, or shoulder muscle. The vaccine is considered effective 14 days after the second dose is received.

ACAM2000 is the alternate monkeypox vaccine, provided in a single dose using a special needle that administers multiple pricks. The injection site will form a lesion that will take several weeks to heal and requires special after-care attention to prevent spreading the live Vaccinia virus to others. This vaccine has a longer period of time to be considered effective, at 28 days after vaccination.

Who Should Get Vaccinated for Monkeypox?

Not everyone should get vaccinated for monkeypox. Right now, the CDC only encourages two major groups of people, who are at a higher risk, to consider vaccination. You should consider vaccination if:

  1. Someone you are intimate with tested positive for monkeypox
  2. You are at risk of exposure to someone who might test positive for monkeypox

Men who have sex with other men, transgender, and nonbinary people may also be at a higher risk of contracting monkeypox and should consider vaccination. Additionally, if you engage in sexual activity with multiple partners, you could also increase your chance of getting monkeypox.

Even if you’ve already been exposed, the CDC still recommends getting vaccinated as soon as possible to reduce the severity of symptoms.

Visit our Hybrid Clinic in Las Vegas for Monkeypox Vaccination

If you’re not sure whether you should get vaccinated for monkeypox, contact our doctors at My Virtual Physician, and we’ll help you determine which course of action is right for your situation. If it’s deemed that you qualify for the vaccine, we’ll notify you when it is available at our hybrid clinic on Paradise Road in Las Vegas. Contact us today for more information about the monkeypox vaccine.

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When was your last STD test? It’s hard to keep up with the latest testing recommendations, let alone make sure you’re in line with them. My Virtual Physician wants to make it easier for patients to stay on top of regular STD screening and testing with our hybrid clinic, which now offers walk-in STD Testing in Las Vegas.

Our hybrid clinic is now open and located at 2217 Paradise Road in Las Vegas.

If you’re unsure about whether you’re due for STD testing or which test to get, continue reading below so we can fill you in on the details.

Should I Get Tested?

Not everyone needs to get screened or tested every year for STDs. But certain populations are at a higher risk of contracting particular STDs. There are different recommendations for men and women.

In general, get screened or tested at least annually if you are under 25 and sexually active, HIV positive, having symptoms, or have multiple sexual partners. Since many people do not experience any symptoms when they have an STD, it’s important to get tested regularly.

If you’re in this higher-risk group, visit our walk-in clinic in Las Vegas today to get a quick and simple STD test done today.

When to Test for STDs

Even if you’re not in the high-risk group, you may be experiencing symptoms that you’d like to confirm are not a sexually transmitted infection. Here are signs to look out for if you suspect you might have symptoms of an STD:

Read more about specific STDs and when to get screened or tested in these blogs:

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Which STD Test Should I Get?

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are the two STDs most commonly tested on a yearly basis for higher-risk individuals, particularly women, since these infections can cause severe complications for the female reproductive anatomy if left untreated.

Rule out HIV at least once in your lifetime if you are sexually active and between the ages of 13 and 64 years old.

Other tests specifically recommended for pregnant women include:

Some clinics offer throat or rectal STD testing options if you suspect an oral or anal infection. Call your doctor to find the best testing facility if you need these areas tested.

Walk in Today to Get STD Testing in Las Vegas

If you want to get STD testing done today, visit our hybrid clinic located at 2217 Paradise Road. My Virtual Physician is proud to offer walk-in STD Testing in our Las Vegas location. Alternatively, if you’re outside of the Vegas area or prefer not to leave home, connect with our doctors online to find out how to get an at-home STD test kit sent to your home.

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Having pain “down there” isn’t normal. But it’s also not totally unheard of either; in fact, up to 16% of women may suffer from a specific type of pain in their vaginal region called vulvodynia. Vulvodynia is a condition that causes pain in a woman’s vulva, the outside part of the female’s lady parts. Unfortunately, many women suffer silently with their vaginal pain. In this blog, our Las Vegas gynecology team has taken the time to shed some light on this sensitive subject.

What are the Different Types of Vaginal Pain?

The female anatomy is complex, and there’s a lot of moving parts to consider. Vaginal pain isn’t the same for all women, and it may not even be in the same region of the reproductive organs for every patient. Let’s cover where vaginal pain often occurs by categorizing the types.


Vulvodynia is a chronic, burning pain of the vulva that continues for more than a quarter of a year. Others have described it as stinging, rawness, or throbbing. It’s sometimes accompanied by swelling. The symptoms vary greatly from person to person, and there’s no clear cause. However, suspected culprits may include:


Painful sexual intercourse that interferes with sexual function is called dyspareunia. While it can affect both men and women, here, we’re only talking about vaginal pain during sex. This is usually described as a sharp, intense pain that is tied to sexual activity, whether it’s during, or soon before or after the act. Others describe it as dull or aching. This pain in women can be located either in the vagina or the urinary organs. It’s sometimes accompanied by other irritating symptoms like burning and itching. There is a long list of possible causes for this condition:


There’s a third type of vaginal pain that is called vaginismus. With vaginismus, the muscles inside the vagina spasm uncontrollably. It can interfere with sexual intercourse and cause severe pain, burning, and stinging, sometimes even making penetration impossible. The causes are often tracked back to physical trauma or emotional fears.

Vaginal Pain Caused by Another Illness

Sometimes, your pain won’t fit into any of the above categories. When that happens, it could mean that your vaginal discomfort is caused by something else. Current infections, genetics, hormonal changes, cancer, cysts, or polyps are all factors that increase your chances of experiencing vaginal pain. If you’re struggling to relieve your vaginal pain, our Las Vegas team of gynecologists at My Virtual Physician is here to help.

Self-Care Tips to Relieve Vaginal Pain

The first step to relieving your vaginal pain is to take detailed notes. Start a pain diary and write down your pain level throughout the day. You can use your pain diary to narrow down the pattern and cause of your vaginal pain. Take note of what helps versus what worsens your pain. Don’t forget to include the foods that you eat and the activities you participate in.

While you’re making your pain diary—you can try these tips to provide vaginal pain relief:

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How to Cure Vaginal Pain

If documenting your vaginal pain and making small lifestyle changes listed above don’t work, don’t despair. There are still plenty of treatment options to cure, or at least manage, your vaginal pain.

Some women have found that biofeedback and physical therapy can help strengthen pelvic muscles, providing some vaginal pain relief caused by poor muscle tone.

If you need more immediate results, you might consider some medications that can bring vulvar pain relief, including topical anesthetics for numbing, hormonal creams, or even some antidepressants. Medications that treat vaginal dryness may also be helpful in treating dyspareunia. Some topical corticosteroid creams may also relieve vaginal pain. Talk with your doctor about what pain-relief method is right for you.

If physical therapy or medication is not for you, there is another option on the table. Believe it or not, sexual therapy is often an effective method to reduce vaginal pain, especially when it has a psychological component due to past trauma.

End Your Vaginal Pain

Nobody deserves to live in pain. If you’re suffering from any sort of vaginal pain, don’t keep it secret. Talk confidentially to our online board-certified OBGYNs to get help and relief. Schedule your appointment today.

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