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OB/GYN Physician Shortage in Las Vegas

August 30, 2021

Women looking for a great Obstetrics and Gynecology provider (OB/GYN) in Las Vegas, Nevada, may have trouble. There is an OB/GYN physician shortage in Las Vegas. And the situation is getting worse. 

Factors such as physician burnout, population growth, and competition from other parts of the country have created a shortage of OB/GYNs in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a result, some may have difficulty finding the perfect provider to care for their reproductive health. 

Women and their partners want an OB/GYN they can trust. Issues like birth control, childbirth, and menopause are delicate matters. Unfortunately, a shortage means there are not enough providers to meet Las Vegas’ needs. Thus, those doctors who are available may be overworked or stretched thin. 

Here is why it’s hard to find a good OB/GYN in Las Vegas and what to do about it. 

OB/GYN Las Vegas

Why It’s Hard to Find OB/GYN in Las Vegas

When there are too few doctors to meet a city's demands, it can be hard to find a provider to respond to each patient’s needs. According to NBC News, America is facing an OB/GYN shortage.

Las Vegas, overall, has the most severe OB/GYN workforce shortage.

Other parts of Nevada face an even more serious situation. Some counties lack even one OB/GYN provider. Hence, patients face delays in care. In some cases they are forced to look far away to find a doctor.

Here’s why it is hard to find OB/GYN care in Las Vegas.

  • Liability and workloads are greater in Las Vegas, according to the study. Las Vegas OB/GYNs deliver an average of 146 babies per year, compared to the national average of 100. Las Vegas ranks third in the nation for the workload.
  • Lower reimbursement rates in Las Vegas mean lower pay for OB/GYNs. Some doctors say insurance companies reimburse less in Las Vegas. And the city ranks 5th in the nation for the percentage of Medicaid deliveries.
  • Job satisfaction is poor in Nevada. Medscape ranked Nevada 4th worst for physicians, citing doctors reporting being unhappy with their job and 45% more likely to burnout.

And while Las Vegas OB/GYNs may have it rough, the patients suffer too.

How Can Patients Find OB/GYN Care

OB/GYNs offer services that women need. They provide health counseling, sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, and more. From puberty to menopause, women need a health expert they can trust. Many patients depend on OB/GYN advice. 

Fortunately, Las Vegas residents can now find the best OB/GYNs, right in their neighborhood.

My Virtual Physician has an answer for the physician shortage crisis. Two of the best board-certified OB/GYNs in the nation are on staff and available for appointments near you in Las Vegas. 

My Virtual Physician offers OB/GYN visits in Las Vegas with flexible scheduling through telemedicine. While most providers are busy and feel the pressure to treat many patients quickly, My Virtual Physician is different. Online video visits eliminate travel time and the feel of a busy waiting room. Virtual consultations provide a relaxed, personalized, and patient-centered care experience. 

During the pandemic, many patients have had questions about staying safe. Some want to know if vaccination is right for them. Women in Las Vegas can now book a visit with My Virtual Physician to discuss their concerns and get real medical advice. Booking an appointment with an OB/GYN in Las Vegas has never been easier.

Connect with Our Board-Certified Physicians

Are you looking for an OBGYN near you in Las Vegas? My Virtual Physician has two board-certified physicians licensed in Nevada who can address gynecological problems via video visits.

If you would like to talk with a board-certified OB/GYN, you can schedule your appointment online now. My Virtual Physician offers health screening, lab tests, and counseling to meet all of your healthcare needs. 

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