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The Contoured Diaphragm, CAYA

Looking for a new, hormone free birth control?
A Diaphragm Birth Control May Be For You.

With Diaphragms you...


  • Take pills, shots, or painful medical procedures
  • Need an in-person doctor appointment
  • Alter your body’s natural chemistry
  • Affect your fertility 
With Diaphragms you...


  • Have the freedom to be ready hours before the act 
  • Have the option to conceive immediately upon ceasing use
  • Get to use the same device for two full years without a need for monthly refills

Ok, what are my options…

Diaphragms aren’t new, but they are getting even better.
The traditional diaphragm is great. But… it isn’t exactly ergonomic - it also requires custom fitting by your doctor because there are 8 different sizes. That sounds uncomfortable…

Let’s skip the awkward and get you what you need the first time.


The contoured diaphragm, CAYA

How is Caya different from the traditional?

Traditional Diaphragm

CAYA Contoured Diaphragm

Circle Dome
Contoured to female body
8 Different Sizes
One Size
How to Get
In-person doctor appointment
Virtual or in-person doctor appointment
Pelvic Fitting Exam Required?
Easy Insertion & Removal
Can be challenging and cumbersome
Designed with easy grips to guide with insertion & removal dome for easy removal
Metal Spring

My Virtual Physician is now partnering with CAYA

to support women who desire protection without the hormones

When you Choose My Virtual Physician to get your CAYA Contoured Diaphragm, our promise to you is:
A compassionate doctor to discuss your options and needs
A hassle-free prescription for CAYA if desired and appropriate
No co-pay for your appointment
No out-of-pocket cost for your appointment

The only cost to you is the price of the CAYA diaphragm device, currently about $110 without insurance. Insurance may cover all or a portion of your cost for the device. 
Coupons are also available to help cover the cost.
Let us help you TAKE BACK CONTROL of your body and your health. You don’t need to alter your body’s chemistry for the sake of family planning.
Schedule your appointment now to see if CAYA is right for you.

Hear from other women that have made the switch

  • “I had migraines from the moment I started taking birth control pills. I tried everything, the ring, progesterone-only, mirena IUD. Finally, my doctor recommended a diaphragm for contraception. I will never go back to hormonal birth control!”
    - Miranda

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