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Virtual Behavioral Health

Providing Virtual Behavioral services to families from the comfort of home.

Dr. Michelle Dalson is Providing Behavioral Health Care Through Online Virtual Doctor Visits

Do you wish to see your children grow up to be smart, successful, and happy?
Want to help your child excel in school and beyond?
Ready to overcome the stresses of parenthood so that you can fully support your child’s cognitive and emotional well-being?
Enroll in Dr. Dalson’s Cognitive-Behavioral Program today!
Dr. Dalson offers:
  • Academic coaching sessions to help your child succeed in school and beyond
  • Parent coaching sessions to help you nurture your child’s cognitive development and emotional well-being
  • Mental wellness coaching for both parents and children
  • So much more!
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Dr. Dalson completed her BS in Psychology at Duke University and went on to earn her MD at Trinity School of Medicine. Throughout her career, Dr. Dalson has focused on understanding and addressing the unique mental health needs of children across various age groups.
A Visionary in Pediatric Mental Health:
Dr. Dalson's passion for helping children thrive extends beyond traditional medical practice. Her extensive research in evidence-based personality psychology and cognition, coupled with specialized training in pediatric cognition and mental health, sets her apart as a visionary in her field. She has dedicated her career to helping children and teens excel in school and beyond. She also works with children struggling with ADHD, autism, and a spectrum of other mental health concerns.
Harnessing the Power of Creativity:
What truly sets Dr. Dalson apart is her innovative approach to pediatric care. As a published author of children’s literature, she understands the transformative power of storytelling and creativity. In her pediatric and parent coaching sessions, Dr. Dalson empowers both children and adults to utilize stories, writing, and other creative outlets to foster professional development, personal growth, mental health, cognitive development, and overall well-being.
NOTE: Dr. Dalson offers nonfiction ghostwriting services. If you have a book you would like to write, but are unable to find the time for it, Dr. Dalson will ghostwrite your book for a 50% discount, if you or your child enrolled in her cognitive-behavioral program!
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Your Health Journey Starts Here!

Dr. Dalson offers wellness coaching services that will benefit:
  • Parents who want to help their children excel in school and future careers
  • Parents who want to support their children’s cognitive development and emotional well-being
  • Parents struggling with stress and burnout
  • Children and teens struggling with ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues
  • Children and teens struggling in school • Academically accelerated children/teens
  • Children/teens who love writing, drawing, singing, or engaging in any creative outlet
No matter where you and your children are at in your relationship or mental health, there are so many ways you can support your children and yourself with Dr. Dalson’s unique services. Don't wait to experience the transformative care that Dr. Dalson has to offer! Our schedule is filling up quickly, so be sure to book your appointment with Dr. Dalson below!
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