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Providing General Primary Care Through Telemedicine

We Provide General Primary Care with Online Virtual Doctor Visits

Here Are Our New Services!

Comprehensive Chronic Care Management

My Virtual Physician is now leveraging telemedicine to provide comprehensive care for people with multiple chronic illnesses.
We have a chronic care team consisting of a certified medical assistant and physicians trained in the management of chronic diseases. These individuals form the care coordination team.
The key components of our chronic care management program are:
Evaluations/consultations with our physicians. These are done in a hybrid fashion with a certified medical assistant traveling to the home with a tablet and supplies and then using that tablet to connect to the doctor by video to "see" the patient. While in the patient's home the medical assistant can measure vital signs, collect nasal specimens for COVID testing among other things.
Remote patient monitoring. This consists of giving patients bluetooth enabled machines to measure their own vital signs and then monitoring these vital signs remotely. Our medical assistants will "check in" with the patient by phone regularly.
Care coordination. My Virtual Physician acts as the captain of the ship. Sometimes patient's will need to have in-person visits with specialists. Care coordination involves getting these referrals scheduled and then assisting the patient with transportation to these appointments.
My Virtual Physician provides a 360 degree complete program to care for people with multiple chronic illnesses. 

Wound care

Many Americans have chronic non healing wounds. My Virtual Physician understands the need to increase access to wound care services. We have a wound care certified nurse on our team who will work in tandem with our physicians to conduct wound evaluations and provide wound care services such as dressing changes and debridements. The beauty of telemedicine is that although a nurse or medical assistant has to be directly with the patient, the doctor can connect by video and directly observe/supervise the wound care team in the patient's home.

Mobile Lab Testing

Whether it's a COVID test or a blood test, My Virtual Physician now has the capability to send someone to a patient's home to either do a nasal swab for COVID or influenza or do a blood draw. Whether the patient is older and home bound or younger and just seeking convenience, My Virtual Physician will now be able to offer the residents of las vegas in home testing/specimen collection.

Acute Care

ALLERGIES: When your allergies are hitting hard, we’ve got the solution for treating them.
EARACHES: Ear troubles? We can help! We’ll provide you with effective treatments for earaches.
FLU: If you are experiencing symptoms of the flu, talk with your virtual primary physician about ways you can treat the flu.
SINUS INFECTIONS: If you are feeling symptoms of a sinus infection, connect with us for information about treatments.
COUGH & COLD: While there is no cure for the common cold, we can help you find an effective treatment to get you back on your feet.
SKIN RASHES: We treat a variety of skin rashes, book an appointment to see what treatment is right for you!
STD: If you are experiencing symptoms of an STD, speak with your virtual primary doctor to learn more about available treatment options.

Meet our Director of Chronic Care



Dr. Christina Cherian is a board-certified Family Medicine physician. She completed her undergraduate career at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, where she majored in Biomedical Sciences and minored in Public Health. She remained at the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine for her medical degree through the Honors Medical Program. She completed her residency in Family Medicine at the St. Vincent’s Family Medicine Center in Jacksonville, Florida, and was awarded the Jane Lanier Community Service Award upon graduation. She holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition via the eCornell Center for Nutrition Studies and is pursuing additional board certification in Lifestyle Medicine.

She is very passionate about and educated in prevention and reversal of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol through the tenets of lifestyle medicine, especially plant-based nutrition. Her personal interests include yoga, meditation and mindfulness, reading, hiking, traveling, watercoloring, and spending time with family.

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