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My Virtual Physician collaborates with companies to provide personalized healthcare solutions for you.

Your Medical Store

Your Medical Store, stands as the leading online destination for medical supplies, offering cutting-edge medical equipment, devices, rehabilitation products, and a diverse range of offerings. Committed to delivering value to medical professionals, end-users, patients, caregivers, and government facilities, they prioritize features and reliability that align with their needs, all while remaining budget-friendly. Their mission is to empower individuals to lead happier and more sustainable lives in the comfort of their own spaces.

Caya - countoured diaphgram

Crafted for Women: Caya introduces a distinctive diaphragm with a contoured shape, meticulously designed by women to align with the female anatomy. Unlike traditional diaphragm choices, this innovative option stands out for its comfort, user-friendly design, effectiveness, and the convenience of a one-size-fits-most approach.

Uresta - Bladder support

Introducing a modern and groundbreaking solution for bladder leaks, the company offers a reusable pessary device designed for comfortable insertion into the vagina to effectively prevent bladder leaks. This innovative solution is safe for all-day use or as needed, providing users with the confidence to engage in any activity without worry. Notably, the device can be kept in place during urination. Endorsements from doctors and physiotherapists across North America further highlight its recommendation as a reliable solution.


Discover relief from razor bumps and streamline the process of securing a shaving waiver with the expert assistance of our valued partner, Razorbumps. Our collaborative efforts are tailored to address the specific concerns associated with razor bumps, ensuring a comprehensive solution and a smoother journey towards obtaining a shaving waiver.

Health warehouse

Dedicated to serving the expanding out-of-pocket prescription market, Health Warehouse directs its focus on delivering exceptional pharmacy services characterized by compassion, convenience, and transparency to communities nationwide. The company takes pride in its commitment to offering personalized service, with a highly skilled team of professionals who strive to provide the highest quality of care precisely when customers need it the most.


Established with the goal of offering families and individuals a range of donor options, Seattle Sperm Bank employs a scientific methodology infused with a compassionate touch to deliver the highest quality products. Their screening process goes beyond a mere sperm analysis, recognizing the critical significance of donor sperm to their clients. The selection of donors is conducted with meticulous care, employing advanced techniques for the handling and screening of specimens.


Orchid was founded with the vision of empowering men and women to proactively manage their fertility while placing the most accurate fertility testing technology at their fingertips. The company's mission is centered around offering state-of-the-art fertility testing kits and serving as an educational resource that simplifies the understanding of fertility testing results for individuals.

Adnab Research

Driven by a commitment to transform the healthcare landscape, their core mission is to offer clients and their patients across the nation valuable support through clinical research development and population health management services.
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