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My Virtual Physician’s Program for Self-Pay Patients

Are you...
Tired of excessive healthcare expenses every time you see your doctor?
Annoyed with doctors who are oblivious to how much you will be charged for services?
Afraid to go to the doctor because of the unknown costs?
Have you...
Received astronomical medical bills after a simple visit, test, or procedure?
Been told that your provider wasn’t covered by insurance and you were charged more?
Tried to figure out the mystery of how much a visit, test, or procedure would cost before you have it done?
Just wanted to pay a fair, up-front price for healthcare services.

We’ve all faced problems with the way the healthcare and health insurance system works... Let’s change that.

Telemedicine – Prescriptions – Lab Tests – Imaging Studies
With or Without Insurance
Whether you have insurance or not, you’re probably paying too much for your healthcare.
Whether you are...
Your healthcare costs have gotten out of control. It doesn’t have to be this way.

My Virtual Physician is leveling the playing field.

We’re in it for our patients. We’re providing healthcare services that you can afford. We vet and partner with companies who feel the same way and offer services for low out-of-pocket costs.
Companies like...
We’re encouraging and nourishing a cash-pay-friendly environment for people like you who are tired of paying too much for healthcare.
Use our promo code for discounts on your lab tests:  MyVirtualPhysician
We're the whole package.
From initial consultation to testing, imaging, and sending meds to a pharmacy, we’re looking out for you and we’re getting you the lowest healthcare prices.
Connect with one of our doctors today!
Connect with Our Doctors
MVP is changing healthcare by adding affordable options for those without insurance.
Healthcare change is here.
With My Virtual Physician, you get:
Convenience. Telemedicine access to your doctor from anywhere
Transparency. Up-front pricing at $49.99 per visit
Specialists. Including OB-GYNs, pediatricians, internists, and chronic care
We don’t stop at the consultation. It gets better. MVP will shop for affordable prices on any supplemental services that you may need, like:
Bloodwork and other labs
Prescription medications
Imaging tests like ultrasounds, xrays, and more

Best of all, these services are accessible from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you have a high deductible plan or no insurance at all, at last, we have the ultimate Affordable Health Care Answer  Just. For.You.

PAY Per visit

per visit  - without insurance
Here at My Virtual Physician, we offer online doctor visits, no insurance needed. You have the option to pay per visit. You can schedule a single appointment with any virtual physician or medical specialist of your choice.
Need Lab Work or Imaging Services?
When you need further testing done, it doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or mysterious. Take control of your health with direct-to-consumer services.
Step 1: Schedule a 15-minute visit with MVP for $49.99. BOOK NOW >>
Step 2: Setup mail-order pharmacy or have medication sent directly to a local pharmacy.  VISIT MARLEY DRUG >>
Step 3: Need labs? Click here.
Step 3: Need labs? Click here. VISIT iHLTH >>
Step 4: Need imaging? We’ll send you in the right direction depending on your needs to a transparent, affordable provider.
Step 1: Schedule a 15-minute visit with MVP for $49.99 
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