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YOU'VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH...Now you’re ready for the next big milestone in life: Having a child!


Men & women: Stop waiting to find out if you are fertile

Do you ovulate normally?
Is your cycle regular?
Are your hormone levels optimal?
Is my sperm count good?

Now There is Fast, Accurate, & Reliable Fertility Testing Available

...from the comfort of your own home.
My Virtual Physician has partnered with Orchid Crew to give you access to professional-grade at-home fertility testing for men and women.

Why Orchid Crew?

Simple testing procedure with clear instructions
Reliable test results, the first time
Personalized, doctor-reviewed, results
Easy to understand results written by real people for real people
Actionable recommendations for you and your doctor to review
Quality-assured sample collection
Accurate finger-prick technology is comparable to results from a blood draw
Fast results within 24 hours
Affordable test kits range in price from $59 to $175

It’s not just a lab test…

Orchid Crew brings more value to the table than most fertility testing providers
Orchid Crew doesn’t simply send you abstract numbers
Orchid Crew goes further to provide you with:
Easy-to-Understand Explanations of your test results
Actionable steps to improve any abnormal results
Collaboration with your OB-Gyn to optimize your fertility
What kind of tests are available?
The hormone kits test for 17 hormones for a comprehensive view of your health and fertility.
For Women 
Women’s Fertility Hormone Test Kit
For Men
Post-Vasectomy Confirmation KitSemen Analysis Fertility KitMen’s Hormone Test Kit

What is the process to get my fertility tested?


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Options for Scheduling an appointment:
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Collect your Samples at home with Orchid Kits


Mail Samples to the lab & Receive Personalized results

If your results are abnormal, the doctors at My Virtual Physician are here by your side to guide you through the process of optimizing your fertility.

How Do I Read My Fertility Results?

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