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Providing Men, Women & Children Virtual physician Visits with licensed doctors

my virtual physician is now accepting Molina Health!

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Virtual Primary Care Doctor

The beauty of telemedicine is that you can receive quality care from the comfort of your home. However, most telemedicine companies focus on primary care or behavioral health, which makes it hard to when you need to find a specialist. That’s where a virtual primary care physician comes in. We provide the convenience of telemedicine visits and the quality of brick-and-mortar specialist visits. Our passionate healthcare professionals have specialties that include pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology, in addition to primary care. Let My Virtual Physician address your needs in a way that is convenient, safe, and secure for you.

My Virtual Physician was founded by Dr. David Howard, a Board-Certified Obstetrics/Gynecology Specialist and general practitioner. He is passionate about providing quality healthcare to his patients. He has spent much of his career as a researcher and is now eager to help his patients receive the care they need, no matter their symptoms. Our primary goal with an online doctor visit is to provide patients with a convenient way to get quality medical care. Our team is dedicated to assisting our patients with passion and care. How can we help you today?
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PAY Per visit

per visit  - without  insurance
Here at My Virtual Physician, we offer online doctor visits, no insurance needed. You have the option to pay per visit. You can schedule a single appointment with any virtual physician or medical specialist of your choice.

my virtual physician serves in all 50 states!

Services in each state vary based on which of our doctors are licensed in that state.
Please check out Our Doctors page to see which state each doctor is licensed in.

My Virtual Physician - Las Vegas HYBRID Clinic

My Virtual Physician has opened a virtual hybrid clinic in Las Vegas! This hybrid clinic provides the Las Vegas community with in person health care services. Individuals can visit the physical clinic where our certified Medical Assistant will be able to measure vital signs, conduct urine test for infection, administer vaccines, draw blood if needed. Patients will also have the ability to connect via video with our specialists through a large monitor in a private exam room. 

Las Vegas Clinic

2217 Paradise road suite A, Las Vegas Nevada 89104



telemedicine services

Telemedicine services combine convenience and care. In the world of direct to consumer telemedicine, My Virtual Physician is unique. We offer both general and specialized healthcare, all from the comfort of your home. With a virtual doctor visit, you won’t have to sit in waiting rooms long after your scheduled appointment time. You won't even have to waste time traveling in between other commitments of your busy schedule to get quality care. You can simply join a call from your smartphone, laptop/desktop, or tablet and be connected with the virtual physician or specialist of your choice.

Our Specialties

Here are our current specialties with more coming soon!

Our Doctors


dr. Howard

Dr. Sharm Radhika, OB/GYN

Dr. Sharma




Dr. Sophia Chin


Dr. ayyagari


Dr. christina cherian

Chronic Care
Dr. Satya Acharya

Dr. Acharya



My experience was amazing! Everyone was so helpful and answered all my questions. Very flexible! Convenient! I have a busy schedule and no time for self care including doctors office. I had already called two doctors office before I called My Virtual Physician and they both said I had to go in, which was not possible. Luckily someone mentioned My Virtual Physician and they helped me the same day! I will definitely be contacting them again! Dr. Howard, Dr. Ayyagari, and their staff messaging me was truly helpful. Will definitely be recommending to all the busy moms, friends, and family.
- Ashlye R. 

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