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my virtual physician is now accepting Texas Medicare & North Carolina Medicare!

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Virtual Primary Care Doctor

My Virtual Physician provides the convenience of Telemedicine visits and the quality of brick-and-mortar specialist visits. Our passionate healthcare professionals specialize in Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Primary care. Let My Virtual Physician address your needs in a way that is convenient, safe, and secure.

My Virtual Physician was founded by Dr. David Howard, a Board-Certified Obstetrics/Gynecology Specialist. He is passionate about providing quality healthcare to his patients. He has spent much of his career as a researcher and is now eager to help his patients receive the care they need, no matter their symptoms. How can we help you today?
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Prices are per visit - without insurance.
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Schedule a single online doctor appointment with any virtual physician or medical specialist of your choice.
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Short Visit
15 minutes or less


Brief Consultation
30 minutes


Medical Cannabis Certification - Telehealth Visit


*Disclaimer: If your insurance is in-network, no admin fee. Medicaid/Medicare patients incur no out-of-pocket costs. For commercial insurance, regular co-pays apply. If you don't have insurance or your insurance isn't in our network, there's a $115 admin fee.

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Medical Cannabis Certification - In-Person Visit (Arkansas Only)


*Disclaimer: If your insurance is in-network, no admin fee. Medicaid/Medicare patients incur no out-of-pocket costs. For commercial insurance, regular co-pays apply. If you don't have insurance or your insurance isn't in our network, there's a $150 admin fee.

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Full Consultation
Primary Care, OB/GYN, Pediatrics


Full Specialist Consultation
Endocrinology, Pain Management, Addiction Medicine


Follow-Up Visit
Endocrinology, Pain Management, Addiction Medicine


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my virtual physician serves in all 50 states!

Services in each state vary based on which of our doctors are licensed in that state.
Please check out Our Doctors page to see which state each doctor is licensed in.

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Our Doctors

Dr. david Howard

Discover the expertise behind My Virtual Physician with our distinguished team led by Dr. Howard, a top-tier expert in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Voted among the top 10% of scientific reviewers in the U.S., Dr. Howard's commitment to excellence drives our mission.

Explore our dedicated doctors, each focused on providing personalized and compassionate virtual care. 

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Are you passionate about healthcare and eager to embrace the future of virtual medicine? Look no further! My Virtual Physician is seeking exceptional physicians like you to join our dynamic team. As a leader in telemedicine, we provide cutting-edge technology and a supportive environment for you to thrive in your medical career. If you're ready to make a meaningful impact on patients' lives from the comfort of your own workspace, we want to hear from you! Take the next step in your journey as a virtual physician and submit your resume below. Let's redefine healthcare together and create a healthier world, one virtual visit at a time. 
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  • I’m from Canada and ended up needing a visit to the doctors on my first day on vacation. Despite having not to pay for medical care for simple visits to the doctor when at home, this virtual visit while on vacation was more relaxing and efficient.
    Starting with the “sign-in” with “reception” Michael, I couldn’t have had a more helpful encounter. Never having done a virtual visit, Michael was extremely helpful with guiding me through the process and helpful in setting me up with the links for the consult.
    Then there was meeting Dr. David Howard. Thank you for being available on January 1st - a holiday most doctors in Canada would be eagerly taking off. Dr. Howard did not treat my “female” symptoms like a brush off like I may normally encounter at home. Dr. Howard was “present” despite doing the visit via video conference. He may be carrying the title of “doctor” but he carried it with care and a bit of compassion for his patients.
    The entire experience, starting with Michael and ending with Dr. David Howard, was an experience that made my unexpected-while-on-vacation visit to a medical facility easy and efficient and, most important to me, stress free. Thank you Michael and Dr. Howard!

    - Stella O. 
  • The doctor/nurse who saw me was extremely friendly! at all times I felt comfortable and supported with my interactions with this person. I'm someone who has had very negative interactions with the "medical system" before, but the person handling my initial appointment was kind, patient, and seems sympathetic towards actually helping me out. I also appreciate that I was being seen by a female physician and someone who respected both my gender expression, as well as my mental health status. I very much look forward to interacting with this office in the future! if I ever somehow get off of Medicaid and onto my own insurance, I would preferentially seek this office out as opposed to anyone local. I cannot recommend these people enough. if you're looking for any evidence as to why telemedicine is a great option for someone like me, look no further than this office. I'm looking forward to my next appointment.

    - Alexandra D.
  • My experience was amazing! Everyone was so helpful and answered all my questions. Very flexible! Convenient! I have a busy schedule and no time for self care including doctors office. I had already called two doctors office before I called My Virtual Physician and they both said I had to go in, which was not possible. Luckily someone mentioned My Virtual Physician and they helped me the same day! I will definitely be contacting them again! Dr. Howard, Dr. Ayyagari, and their staff messaging me was truly helpful. Will definitely be recommending to all the busy moms, friends, and family.
    - Ashley R. 

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