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Introducing Our Parent-Child Wellness Program

April 2, 2024

My Virtual Physician is now offering pediatric behavioral health services. To meet with our pediatric cognitive-behavioral physician, schedule an appointment here

Is your demanding career causing you to feel like you cannot live up to your full potential as a parent?

Do you yearn for more meaningful moments with your children, but struggle to find the time?

Concerned about your child's emotional well-being, but feel like you can't be fully present to get to the bottom of it?


Come join CreativeZone Wellness - a program designed for busy parents like you (and your children)! 

Here, you will learn and engage in a variety of creative activities that will:

  •       Strengthen the bond between you and your children, even amidst your hectic schedule
  •       Help you develop child-bonding strategies most suitable for your schedule and your child’s needs
  •       Nurture both cognitive development and emotional well-being in your kids
  •       Improve your own mental health so that you can address both your career and your family life with a clear mind
  •       So much more!


Your Journey Starts Here!

Dr. Dalson offers wellness coaching services that will benefit:

  •       Parents with busy careers and want to spend more quality time with their kids
  •       Parents who feel disconnected from their children
  •       Parents struggling with stress and burnout
  •       Children and teens struggling with ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues
  •       Children and teens struggling in school
  •       Academically accelerated children/teens
  •       Children/teens who love writing, drawing, singing, or engaging in any creative outlet


No matter where you and your children are at in your relationship or mental health, there are so many ways you can support your children and yourself with Dr. Dalson’s unique services.  

Don't wait to experience the transformative care that Dr. Dalson has to offer! Our schedule is filling up quickly, so be sure to book your appointment with Dr. Dalson today! BOOK HERE  

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