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Hybrid Medical Clinics: Expanding OBGYN Access in Las Vegas

June 22, 2022

Telemedicine gained a foothold during the pandemic. By the end of 2021, digital doctor visits had increased by 63% over two years, according to a government study. And the trend seems to be holding strong, with many physicians and facilities–Las Vegas gynecologists included–continuing to provide telehealth access, post-pandemic.

While telemedicine has proven valuable and trends show that it’s here to stay, there are some limitations. In this blog, we’ll briefly cover some obstacles inherent to telehealth along with our proposed solution: hybrid clinics.

Limitations of Telemedicine-Only

While telemedicine was literally a life-saver throughout the pandemic, it comes with its limits. The most glaring limitation is the lack of a hands-on physical exam. For standard consultations, this is usually not an issue; but if certain diagnostic services are required, like pelvic exams or getting labs done, it gets a little trickier.

Another problem that telemedicine presents is patient access. Telemedicine requires some expensive equipment that not all patients have on hand; that we often take for granted. A virtual visit requires the following:

  • Smartphone: must have good cell service and data capabilities
  • Computer: must have an internet connection that is capable of substantial bandwidth
  • Microphone/camera/speakers: required on either above device
  • Privacy: a private, well-lit room for meeting and discussing personal health
  • Medical equipment: blood pressure monitor and thermometer for basic vitals

Even if you do have this equipment, you still must count on many factors to be in working order to participate in telemedicine appointments.

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A third limitation of telemedicine is simply that some patients prefer the traditional visit to a doctor’s office. An in-office visit to a clinic where a real person is physically present to assist is preferable to some, especially those who are technology-illiterate, have certain disabilities, or struggle with the English language.

For those who feel telemedicine is not suitable to meet their comprehensive healthcare needs, hybrid clinics provide another pathway. My Virtual Physician is embracing this new solution, which offers our patients a new healthcare experience where they can have their gynecology or other healthcare needs met right there on the Las Vegas strip.

What is a Hybrid Medical Clinic?

A hybrid medical clinic is a physical building that offers some of the same services that you would expect from a traditional in-person doctor’s visit while also providing the equipment to meet virtually with your doctor. My Virtual Physician’s hybrid clinics are located at:

  • 2217 Paradise Road - Suite A in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 1180 N Town Center Drive - Suite 100 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our hybrid clinic will open its doors to walk-in patients as well as those who schedule an appointment. As you enter the clinic, our Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) will welcome you, take your vital signs, and collect any urine samples, if required. You’ll then be guided into a private room where the telehealth equipment is set up for you to meet virtually with our board-certified physicians. Our staff is here to help in the event that you need any further assistance.

Just a handful of the additional services that we can provide inside our hybrid clinics include the following:

  • Lab sample collection
  • Depo shot injections*
  • Vaccinations*
  • Ultrasounds*
  • Wound-care*

*by appointment only when a nurse or specialist is required

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The Value of In-person Healthcare Services

My Virtual Physician is excited to offer this new hybrid option to patients who prefer the in-person experience or who do not have access to the special equipment required for virtual visits or special services. While we understand that the hybrid clinic is not for everyone, or maybe just not for every visit, we have made it a priority to provide a physical alternative to the fully digital world of telemedicine.

Our intention is to provide value to our patients by offering in-person services as an option at our hybrid clinics. We deliver this as a solution to the limitations we find in telemedicine alone. Our hybrid clinic provides a nearby physical hub for specimen collection, as well as ultrasound, for prompt confirmations and diagnoses.

Our hybrid clinics will provide a safe, private, and well-equipped place for you to meet virtually with your OBGYN in Las Vegas to discuss your health needs. Come visit our friendly staff at our two hybrid locations today!

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