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Hygiene During Pregnancy

August 16, 2022

Hygiene is an integral part of self-care at any given time or period. However, it is of greater importance during pregnancy as little changes can have massive ripple effects during this period. During pregnancy, the woman's body undergoes several hormonal changes, and its effects vary from one woman to the other. Hormonal imbalances result in increased perspiration (sweating), increased vaginal discharge, less lubrication and vaginal dryness, dry skin, and nipple leaks, amongst others.

‌Infections are best kept at bay during pregnancy. Infections can affect the health of the mother and her baby and may result in complications. Hence, good hygiene is an important part of self-care in pregnancy. Also, it boosts your self-esteem and keeps you refreshed and comfortable in your skin.

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‌What are some essential hygiene tips?

‌The following are basic tips that can help you maintain good hygiene in pregnancy.‌

‌Oral hygiene

‌Hormonal changes can affect your dental health. Increased estrogen levels can cause inflammation of your gums, resulting in pain and frequent bleeding. Increased progesterone also puts you at risk of hosting plaque-causing bacteria and developing gingivitis.

‌Hence, poor oral hygiene can cause dental health issues and increase your risk of certain pregnancy complications. Bacteria that cause gingivitis can make a low-birth-weight baby if it enters your bloodstream and reaches the fetus. See a dentist in case of any mouth condition, especially gum disease.

‌Eat a healthy, balanced diet, avoid sugary and hard foods, brush and floss daily, and, as prescribed, take fluoride supplements.

‌Breast hygiene

‌To stay safe from infections;

  • ‌Wear cotton bras and if necessary, use breast pads.
  • ‌If you experience breast leaks, wipe the fluid off. Do not rub your nipples, as rubbing can cause irritation.
  • ‌Apply light oil on nipples if they are dry, itchy, or sore. Do not massage the breasts.

‌Vaginal hygiene

‌Increased vaginal discharge may stimulate bacterial growth and cause ‘bacterial vaginitis. This can cause complications and get transmitted to the child if left untreated in the mother.

‌To maintain vaginal hygiene:

  • ‌Wear cotton undergarments. 
  • ‌Avoid tight panties and pants. 

‌These tips help maintain air circulation and keep your vagina optimally dry, preventing infections:

  • ‌Wash your vagina with plain water. If necessary, use mild toilet soap. Avoid douching, vaginal soaps, and fragrances because they can alter the pH of the vagina and cause infections.
  • ‌Trim your pubic hair. Avoid waxing or using any hair removal creams.
  • ‌Change your undergarments as necessary. Ensure you keep dry to prevent bacterial growth and infection.
  • ‌Wear a panty liner if you frequently have urine leaks. Change it every 2-3 hours.

‌Skin and hair hygiene

Hormonal changes and weight gain during pregnancy can result in increased sweating and buildup of sweat, dirt, oil, and bacteria between skin folds. Hence, experts recommend that you bathe regularly with mild soaps and shampoos. Avoid harsh soaps, dyes, and other chemicals for your skin and hair to prevent an allergic reaction in you and your baby.

‌Avoid taking a bath or shower with boiling water. Use warm water instead. Also, apply lotions or creams immediately after a bath or shower to soothe and soften your skin.

Wear cotton and loose-fitting clothes to improve and maintain air circulation between your clothes and your skin.

How can we help you?

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At My Virtual Physician, we are available to help guide you through your pregnancy and answer any questions that may arise. We are in network with many insurance health plans, including Medicaid, Medicare, United HealthCare, and Blue Cross. 

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