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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Nevada

February 7, 2023

Did you know that medical marijuana has been legal in Nevada for over 20 years? Are you curious about where to get a medical cannabis card? If you’re ready to get a medical marijuana card in Nevada, we can help. In this article, My Virtual Physician shows you where and how to get your medical cannabis card.

Medical Cannabis Card Vs. Recreational

While medical cannabis has been around in Nevada since 2001, recreational marijuana was more recently legalized by the state in 2017. Even though you can purchase marijuana without being a cardholder, there are some major perks to getting your cannabis medical card. For starters, it will save you a lot of money at the dispensary.


Check out the differences between becoming a medical cannabis cardholder and purchasing for recreational use in Nevada:


Medical Marijuana Cardholder Recreational Use (Adult Use)
Quantity Allowed in Possession
  • Up to 2-½ ounces
  • Can cultivate 12 plants under certain circumstances
  • Up to 1 ounce in possession
  • No more than 3.5g (⅛ ounce) of concentrates/extracts
  • Not permitted to grow your own
Price and Taxes
  • No excise tax
  • 10% excise tax on top of state and local sales tax
Age Requirement
  • 18+
  • Under 18 with special cases and permission
  • 21+


Getting a medical marijuana card gives you additional permissions and protections beyond what is allowed for recreational users. For example, medical cannabis cardholders are permitted to grow up to a dozen marijuana plants if unable to visit a dispensary or if living more than 25 miles from one. Recreational users, on the other hand, may not cultivate their own marijuana.

Do I Qualify for a Medical Cannabis Card in Nevada?

Only certain debilitating medical conditions are allowed to get a Nevada medical card for cannabis. To get your card, first verify that your ailment is on the list. Here are the qualifying conditions in Nevada:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Wasting syndrome
  • Severe pain
  • Severe nausea
  • Seizures
  • Muscle spasms

As a Nevada resident, if you suffer from one of the conditions above, you qualify for using medical cannabis to manage your condition. Once qualified, there are a few steps you'll take to obtain your medical marijuana card.

Getting Your Medical Cannabis Card in Nevada

To apply for your medical cannabis card in Nevada, only three things are needed.

  1. Healthcare Provider Approval
  2. Completed Medical Cannabis Card Application
  3. Payment

Step #1: Attending Healthcare Provider Statement

Getting medical permission to use marijuana as a medicine requires a doctor’s written approval in Nevada. Healthcare providers who are in good standing with the Nevada Board can complete the state’s approval form (called the Attending Healthcare Provider Statement).


My Virtual Physician has local board-certified physicians who can complete the paperwork for your medical marijuana card on Nevada's state-wide form. To begin the process, complete the online application to get your card.


After filling out the basic information on our form, we’ll set up a quick telehealth appointment with one of our Nevada licensed physicians. Once the appointment is complete, My Virtual Physician will provide the approval paperwork so that you can take the next step in the process.

Step #2: Medical Cannabis Nevada Registry

With your provider statement in hand, you’re ready to open a new application to become a medical marijuana cardholder. Using Nevada’s online portal, you can create a new login for the registry. This portal will allow you to access the application and upload your scanned documents, including:

  • Nevada State Identification (Driver’s License or ID Card)
  • Completed Medical Marijuana Card Application
  • Attending Healthcare Provider Statement
  • Waiver and Acknowledgement forms

Step #3: Paying for Your Medical Card for Cannabis

There are two payments required to get your medical cannabis card:

  1. First, your doctor consultation fee ($115)
  2. Secondly, the Nevada state registration fee ($50 per year)


My Virtual Physician charges $115 to complete the consultation required for qualifying your medical condition for medical cannabis. This fee is paid directly to My Virtual Physician.


Nevada charges $50 for a one-year registration and $100 for a 2-year registration. So, your total cost for a medical cannabis card is $165 for one year or $215 for two years. These fees can be paid online through the portal.


The card must be renewed after expiration along with a new doctor’s approval. Your doctor will determine whether your card is good for one or two years, so if you have a preference, be sure to consult your healthcare provider (our doctors).

Get Your Card Now

Ready to get your card? Now that you know where you can get a medical cannabis card in Nevada and the steps involved, My Virtual Physician is here to help you start the process. Start by meeting with one of our Doctors today so that you can get your medical cannabis card and find relief now.

Get Your Medical Cannabis Card Now

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