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No Health Insurance? No Problem.

November 7, 2021

No Health Insurance? No Problem.

Can You Book a Doctor Visit Without Insurance?

Many Americans faced job losses this year. That means that a lot of families lost their health insurance. That leaves many wondering, can you make a doctor's appointment without insurance?

Doctors and healthcare facilities allow individuals to book appointments without insurance. When scheduling an appointment, patients are asked about who will pay for the services. Without health insurance, it is possible to pay out-of-pocket. If paying for treatment without insurance coverage, it is important to consider factors like necessity and cost. 

Here's what you need to know when booking a doctor's appointment without insurance.


Can You Book a Doctor's Appointment Without Insurance?

Healthcare providers, like doctors, treat patients' health concerns. When it is time to see a physician, the first step is to contact them for an appointment. 

To make an appointment to see the doctor, patients will need these things:

  • Patient information, usually name, address, and date of birth
  • The reason for the visit
  • Insurance information, if you have it

Those who are not covered by a health insurance plan can still schedule an appointment. The doctor's office will charge the patient directly instead of billing an insurance company.

Making a doctor's appointment without insurance is just like making an appointment with coverage. In most situations, patients can receive the same treatment. 

Sometimes a test or medication is very expensive without insurance. However, doctors will often discuss what treatments or procedures are necessary and how costly they may be. That is why it is good to talk with a doctor even if you don't have insurance.

A recent poll found that about 44% of Americans would not go to the doctor if sick or injured because of the cost.

Many providers offer discounts for cash-paying customers. Others may be able to arrange payment plans. There is nothing more valuable than your health. Skipping the doctor because you don't have insurance is a bad idea.

How Much Is a Doctor's Appointment Without Insurance in 2021?

An average doctor's appointment costs between $68 and $234, according to The charge may change depending on how difficult the condition is and how much time the doctor spends with the patient. 

One cost-saving alternative to an in-office appointment is telemedicine. Online doctors offer significant savings to patients, including the expense of time and travel. And some online doctors offer reduced visit fees as well. 

Even those with insurance can benefit from saving money on gas and cutting the wait time by booking a virtual physician appointment. All of the top private health insurers offer some telehealth coverage.

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