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Florida - Medical Exemption For Window Tinting

May 17, 2024

Are you considering tinting your car windows in Florida but worried about legal restrictions? Understanding your state's laws regarding window tinting is crucial to avoid fines and ensure compliance. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the regulations surrounding car window tinting in Florida, including provisions for medical exemptions. Whether you're seeking relief from the intense sun or aiming for privacy on the road, knowing Florida's tinting laws is essential. Let's delve into the details of getting your car windows legally tinted in the Sunshine State.

Does this state allow car windows to be tinted?

Yes, Florida allows car windows to be tinted within certain limits specified by law.

Does this state recognize or allow medical exemptions to its laws on tinting?

Yes, Florida does recognize medical exemptions for tinting laws.

If this state allows medical exemptions to its tinting laws, what are the state-specified medical conditions you have to have at least one to qualify?

Medical conditions that may qualify for a tinting exemption in Florida include conditions such as: Lupus, Dermatomyositis (Autoimmune Disease), Albinism, Total or Facial Vitiligo, Xeroderma Pigmentosum.

Does this state mandate that it has to be a specific type of doctor (such as a dermatologist) who has to do the medical certification, or can any doctor in good standing provide the medical certification to allow someone to legally tint their car windows?

The Physician filling out your Statement of Certification is required to have one of the following credentials in order for their signature and recommendation to be valid:

  • Physician licensed to practice under Chapters 458, 459, or 460, Florida Statutes
  • Dermatologist licensed to practice under Chapter 458, Florida Statutes
  • A physician who practices medicine in a military medical facility, state hospital, or federal prison. The Physician must include the name and address of the facility
  • An advanced registered nurse practitioner licensed under Chapter 464, under the protocol of a licensed physician
  • Physician assistant licensed under chapter 458 or 459, Florida Statutes

This medical exemption is only given to persons who require limited exposure to light and are permitted to have sun screening material on the windshield, side windows, and windows behind the driver which is in violation of the requirements of sections 316.2951-316.2957

You must provide one of the following proofs of identification along with your application:

  • A current Florida driver’s license
  • A Florida identification card

For more information regarding window tint medical exemptions in Florida, you can check out this resource:

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