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My Virtual Physician Versus Twentyeight Health

May 5, 2023

Getting established with a new doctor can be intense. If you’re looking for an online doctor to supplement or replace your regular healthcare provider, you’ve got lots of options out there. With a sea full of telemedicine providers, how do you make sure that you’re picking the right one?


In this blog, we’ll compare some key points to know about My Virtual Physician vs Twentyeight Health. Here’s a side-by-side comparison.


My Virtual Physician Twentyeight Health
Herpes Treatment
Prenatal Vitamins
Covid Tests
Accepts Insurance
Ability to Self-Pay
STD Testing & Treatment
Fertility Testing & Diagnosis
Video Calls with Doctor
OB-GYN Specialists
Multiple Specialists
Primary Care Visits
Pediatric Visits
Pain Management Visits
Serves all Genders
Serves all 50 States
Brick-and-mortar hybrid clinics available
Annual Fee
Recurring Monthly Charges
Questionnaire Prescribing
Integrated Mail Order Pharmacy
Messaging Included with Annual Fee

What is Twentyeight Health?

Twentyeight Health focuses on providing sexual and reproductive health prescriptions to women. Their offerings are limited to prescriptions for:

  • Birth control
  • Herpes treatment
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • At-home covid tests
  • A limited number of other prescriptions


It works like this:

  1. Pay an annual fee
  2. Fill out a questionnaire
  3. Optional phone call (audio) with a doctor
  4. Provide Insurance, Co-Pay, and/or Out of Pocket Payment for Prescription
  5. Get your prescription in the mail


Twentyeight Health provides a hassle-free way for women to get certain prescriptions—but it certainly is not a full-service telemedicine provider, leaving men, women, and children to seek treatment and management of ongoing healthcare concerns elsewhere.


In some ways, Twentyeight Health is similar to My Virtual Physician. Both companies can provide patients with access to prescriptions for contraceptives, herpes treatment, prenatals, and covid tests.

Both My Virtual Physician and Twentyeight Health also offer affordable options for both insured and self-pay patients to get a physician’s prescription.

But the ability to prescribe a short list of reproductive medications and to offer similar payment methods is pretty much where the similarities end.


Now, let’s cover how Twentyeight is different from My Virtual Physician.

Twentyeight Is Right for Some

To be fair, we’ve got to give Twentyeight Health credit where credit is due. For patients who don’t really want to interact face-to-face with a video call, Twentyeight Health gives you that option to simply fill out a questionnaire and be on your way to getting your birth control or herpes treatment.


Twentyeight is also directly integrated with their partnered mail-order pharmacy. If you want your birth control or other monthly prescription delivered to your home without having to set it up with your own pharmacy—Twentyeight gives you that ability.


Lastly, while they don’t offer video calls, Twentyeight does claim to give you ongoing access to doctors if you have a question about your medication. Unlimited messaging is included with your annual fee for each prescription for up to a year.

Reviews Reveal Red Flags

Reviews on Trustpilot show that patients are mostly dissatisfied with Twentyeight’s responsiveness to customer inquiries. There are numerous complaints among the 95% 1-star reviews for the company which include:

  • Delayed prescriptions
  • Inability to get in touch with anyone
  • Overcharged for prescriptions
  • Trouble changing or canceling prescriptions
  • Poor customer service


The website does not provide a phone number and the company seems to only be available by text or email.

My Virtual Physician is a Full-Service Telemedicine Provider

Patients looking for a full-service telemedicine provider can find it with My Virtual Physician. My Virtual Physician has multiple OBGYNs and other specialists and primary care physicians on staff, ready to consult directly with patients online via face-to-face video-conferencing.


Because we’re not simply writing prescriptions for contraceptives and a handful of other sexual health medications—My Virtual Physician is able to meet a wider range of healthcare needs and truly become your online doctor.


Here is a taste of the additional services that My Virtual Physician provides to patients, including men, women, and children in all 50 states:

  • STD Testing & Treatment for men and women
  • Fertility Testing, Diagnosis, & Treatment for men and women
  • Acute Visits
  • Comprehensive or Chronic Visits
  • Pediatric Visits
  • Annual Visits
  • Pain Management


>> Learn the difference between Acute, Comprehensive, and Specialty Visits <<


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