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How to Get a Medical Cannabis Card in Georgia

February 23, 2023

If you’re searching for where to get a cannabis medical card in Georgia, you might struggle to find it. That’s because technically—marijuana is still illegal in the Peach State. However, there is a pathway for patients to access the healing benefits of THC in a slightly different form.

In 2019, Georgia’s Hope Act was passed. This allows patients with a qualifying condition to obtain a cannabis card that allows them to purchase low-THC oil.

Find out what that means for you if you’re a patient looking for relief. In this post, My Virtual Physician breaks down the steps to obtain your medical cannabis card (for low-THC oil) in Georgia.

Medical Cannabis Card Vs. Recreational

While many states have legalized raw marijuana for recreational and medical use, Georgia is not one of them. According to the act, the state is “deeply opposed to any recreational or nonmedical use of marijuana.”

But if you’re a patient looking for relief from pain, certain diseases, or other qualifying symptoms, there is still a route to get the relief you’re looking for if marijuana is the only thing that works for you. You can take specific steps to register with the state. This process allows you to legally possess THC in the form of a low-potency oil.

What Cannabis is Legal in Georgia?

The only legal marijuana in Georgia is low-THC oil. And it’s only legal if you’re registered with the Georgia Department of Public Health and on the registry. Once approved, you can legally possess up to 20 ounces of low-THC oil for treating your medical condition. All other forms of marijuana—including plants, vapes, and edibles, are illegal.

Low-THC oil is a liquid that is extracted from the marijuana plant. It contains up to 5% THC and is usually applied by the patient with a dropper under the tongue.

Do I Qualify for a Low THC Oil Registry Card in Georgia?

Georgia is very specific about which medical conditions warrant the use of the marijuana extract. So, before you apply, make sure your condition qualifies.

Qualifying conditions and diseases are listed below:

  • Cancer
  • ALS
  • Seizures
  • Multiple Sclerosis*
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Mitochondrial Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease*
  • Sickle Cell Disease*
  • Tourette’s Syndrome*
  • Autism*
  • Epidermolysis bullosa
  • Alzheimer’s Disease*
  • AIDS*
  • Peripheral Neuropathy*
  • Hospice
  • Intractable pain
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

*These conditions must be severe and/or end-stage to qualify.

If you (or your loved one in your care) suffer from one of the conditions above, continue reading to find out the next steps to get your card for medical THC in Georgia.

Getting Your Medical Cannabis Card in Georgia

Here’s the framework for getting your medical cannabis card in Georgia:

  1. Waiver Form
  2. Physician’s Certification
  3. Payment

Step #1: Waiver Form

Georgia requires you (the patient) and your doctor to complete a waiver in order to begin the process of getting a cannabis card. This waiver is a simple two-page form that asks for basic information including contact information and qualifying conditions. It concludes with signatures to verify that you are aware that the use of THC products has not been approved by the FDA and the benefits may be unknown.

Begin by filling out the patient portion of the waiver. We can take it from there and complete the physician portion after your consultation visit. To sign up for your physician consultation, continue to step #2 below.

Step #2: Physician’s Certification

Your doctor must certify that you have a medical need for low THC oil. My Virtual Physician can help you complete this step with our licensed physician services. You can get a doctor’s evaluation if you have a qualifying medical condition above. Start the process to get your card now by completing our online intake form.

After your visit, our doctors will submit your waiver and certification forms to the Georgia Low THC Oil Registry portal on your behalf. From there, the state will make a decision and notify you when your card is ready for pick up at a local vital records office.

Step #3: Paying for Your Medical Cannabis Card

To pay for your medical cannabis card, you’ll make two payments:

  1. Doctor’s consultation ($115 from My Virtual Physician)
  2. State of Georgia for printing your card

Georgia only charges $25 for a Low THC Oil Registry card. This fee can be paid upon pickup of your card at your local vital records office.

That means you can get your medical THC card for low-THC oil in Georgia for $140 over a two-year period. Renewals are the same cost every two years and a new physician consultation is required.

Take the First Step Now

If you’re ready to get relief from your qualified medical condition by using low-THC oil as a Georgia peach, we can help. Start by setting up your physician consultation with My Virtual Physician today.

Get Your Medical Cannabis Card Now

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