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UCSF Studies the Correlation Between Pregnancy and the Coronavirus

May 19, 2020
Virtual Gynecology

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco have been evaluating hundreds of pregnant women who tested positive for coronavirus, and the impact it has had on themselves and their babies during pregnancy. The study aims to better understand the correlation between pregnancy and coronavirus. They also want to evaluate a diverse population for a more thorough grasp of the findings. The study is open for women 14 years or older who have tested positive for coronavirus or are experiencing symptoms. In addition, it will examine the impact of the virus on African American and underprivileged women who are more susceptible due to a lack of health care. 

As of May 15th, 2020 The Pregnancy Coronavirus Outcomes Registry, or PRIORITY, has registered 706 women to participate in the study. The year long evaluation includes how the virus impacts maternal health, fetal development, early delivery, newborn health, transmission between mother and child, and the correlation between underprivileged women and the risk of higher mortality. Participants are asked to answer questions about their health and pregnancy, permission to review their medical records related to their coronavirus diagnosis and treatment, and contacted up to 7 times within the next year for routine checkups. The PRIORITY website states that they will continuously update their data so all of the information is available to the public eye. For more information about PRIORITY, click here to navigate to their homepage, and click here if you’re a healthcare provider who wants to refer someone, or if you are personally interested in joining the study.

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